Wednesday, August 29, 2012

BIG NEWS: Midwest District Gains a Fleet!!

Eagle Creek Sailing Club in Indianapolis just became Flying Scot Fleet #201 and is a member of the Midwest District!! Welcome, ECSC! Flying Scots at that club include Geoff Endris, owner of Blown Away, and Carrie Carpenter, owner of Shadow. ECSC holds two multi-class regattas per year, one in the spring (Mayor's Cup) and one in the fall (Governor's Cup).

Several Flying Scots attended this past spring's Mayor's Cup, including Ben and me, and Ryan Malmgren. They have a lovely facility, with a club house built up on a bluff overlooking the harbor. ECSC is very strongly one-design racing and the Flying Scots are very welcome there.

The fall regatta, the Governor's Cup, will be held September 15 & 16. Harry Carpenter, Ryan Malmgren, Frank and Marianne Gerry and Ben Williams are all planning on attending, so if anyone is feeling the urge to hit the road, come join us at Eagle Creek!!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Felicia Bamer writes about the Glow

Felicia Bamer sent this great email to her fellow Carlyle sailors and graciously gave me permission to post it here:

"I brought alive the old Fleet 83 tradition -- Sunday Morning Breakfast -- Scrambled Eggs with cheddar, mushrooms, and tomatoes; Sausage and Bacon ! Of course, coffee, hot tea, OJ, Yogurt, Bread, Bagels and Cream Cheese were served also!
Pam LaMontgane and I represented the CSA crowd at the Glow. Same 'ole lake with gusty, shifty, panic winds! Same wonderful campfire; great food; and this year "Glow Sticks"! And, their lake is down 2+ fleet so nearly all of us used the long motorboat ramp. All ramps at Decatur are closed.
We missed trophies by ONE! Sixth Place!
The winds Saturday were out of the SSE and .... at 15 to 20+ knots.
Race One in the second spin take-down, I somehow wrapped the spin probably 3 times around the jib tighter than a knot. Bouncing downwind to the peninsula muddy shore, we slid in sideways. DNF (Of course a tow and guess what at first did not want to come down -- newly repaired centerboard.)
Race Two winds were heavier and gustier. We finished 8th -- one capsize that race. We survived.
Race Three was so windy only the first and second place boats in a WL3 put up their spins. Larry Klick capsized; he spent time under the boat after it turtled later saving sun screen and all kinds of items. We finished 6th.
After Harry, Carrie and Ryan spoke about survival Saturday after the races, we enjoyed a STEAK dinner.
Lots of sore muscles and an early evening for most of us. The Wisconsin Beer was well consumed Friday night.
At 0605 this morning down came the rain. Probably a 10 minute heavy shower. Then at 0700 it poured for almost an hour and blew and poured some more.
So, out for Race 4. Shifty, of course. Prediction was about 7 mph as it wandered through 6 to 12 knots. We finished 8th -- should have been 5th. Still being auto-tacked. I dropped the spin on the offset mark while trying to raise it.
Race 5. WL3 -- Why are all these boats starting at the PIN? Had to get left! We finally got there. And, spent most of the race just behind the top 4.
Harry and Carrie Carpenter -- First
Ben Williams and Deb Aronson -- Second (Great to see Claire crewing and Doug being the photographer) (editor's note: Claire and Doug are Ben and Deb's kids)
Frank and Marianne Gerry -- Third
Sail Fast!  Sail Safe!  Sail for Fun!

Monday, August 20, 2012

15 Boats Expected at This Year's Glow

With beautiful weather predicted, Fleet 135 is expecting 15 boats or more on the line at this year's Glow Regatta, August 24-26. Harry and Carrie Carpenter will be there, as will boats from Ohio, Indiana, three different clubs in Wisconsin, and Ontario, Canada.

Registration forms will be available at the lake, though if you think you are coming, feel free to let us know so we can make sure to have enough steaks on hand for our Saturday cookout! Trophies, photographs of your boat in action in an engraved frame, will be given through fifth place.

Here is a link to the NOR and registration form.

 If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me, Deb, at 217-344-8508 or Eric Bussell at 217-377-0661

See you at the Glow!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Some awesome photos from Ephraim

The Ephraim organizers had a wonderful photographer on board this past weekend and he has generously shared many of his photos. They can be viewed and downloaded here:

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

And here are the results

Championships results have now been posted at:

Midwest Districts Held at Ephraim Boasts 33 Boats!

Ben and I just got back from Ephraim, where they held the 107th annual regatta combined with this year's Midwest District Championships. Ephraim is an amazing club, driven entirely by its junior sailing program. For those of you who have been to the club (they hosted NACs a few years ago) they barely have room to turn around on their pier and yet they have more than 400 memberships, which comes out to about 1,000 total members. I will note here that the permanent population of Ephraim is 299. Do the math!

So for two months in the summer Ephraim Yacht Club is a burbling, energized spot for kids of all ages. They have almost 20 kids hired to be sailing instructors and most of those kids also help or compete in the regatta. The whole weekend we did not see a single person (by that I mean teen or  younger) messing with their phone; kids were swimming off the club's float, they were kayaking, they were playing a kind of ball game or they were sailing. Too bad I can't have a "do over" and spend my youth at Ephraim!

Meanwhile, the sailing conditions Saturday could not have been better. Winds were pretty steady at about 10 and the direction was pretty predictable. The exception came at the end of the first race, with a 70 degree shift. Going downwind we could no longer hold up the chute, so down it came. Rounding the last leeward mark we saw the new course heading, but could not find a finish line for the longest time. We did see about seven or eight club motor boats scooting around like bees, rushing to what we figured would be the right general area. So, we headed that way, following Jay Lott, who was leading, and Ryan Malmgren figuring they both had to know what was what!

The race committee, led by Don Smith from Lake Norman Yacht Club (near Charlotte NC and host of next year's NACs) did a masterful job and we had three fantastic, five-leg races. Sunday, however, was a total blow out. We could hardly stand out on the pier and people started de-rigging their boat around 9. Race committee called it officially about 11.

Ryan Malmgren with new-to-him crew Kate Redmond (above, with fleet captain Jay Lott) dominated with two firsts and a second, Jay Lott and regular crew Dave Sauter, turned in a strong performance with a first and two seconds,  Ben and I were quite pleased with our own performance with three thirds, Tim DeVries, making an appearance after a season or more away, sailing  with longtime crew Deb Torgerson were fourth and Frank and Marianne Gerry, who always sail really well at Ephraim grabbed fifth place. It doesn't look like the results are posted yet at the Ephraim Yacht Club website but when they are I'll post a link.