Friday, August 9, 2013

It's Not Too Late! Two More Regattas in the Traveling Series.

For anyone who might have been reading these posts you'll know that we've inaugurated a traveling series trophy this year. So far the qualifying regattas have been the Districts, Sheridan Shores Race Weekend and Ephraim. If you have sailed any one of those you are still in the running for the trophy. You must sail three regattas to qualify and there are two more regattas on our "dance card."

Those are:
Egyptian Cup, Carlyle Lake, Labor Day Weekend
Glow in the Dark, Clinton Lake, September 28 and 29

I will post a photo of the trophy in the near future...I hope!

Also, briefly, here is the scoring:

At each regatta
First place = 10 points
Second place = 9 points
Third place = 8 points
Fourth place = 7 points
Fifth place = 6 points
Sixth place = 5 points
Seventh place = 4 points
Eight place or greater = 3 points
DNC = 0 points

Ryan Malmgren and Stacey Rieu Win 108th Ephraim Regatta

Top place in the Ephraim regatta (August 3 & 4) was a duel between Ryan Malmgren and Stacey Rieu and Mike Faugust and Jennifer Ikeda, which came down to Sunday's last race, when Ryan and Stacey prevailed. Exciting racing!!

Conditions Saturday were light and very shifty, taxing the excellent race committee headed by Don Smith and Chris Kacinski, who came up from Lake Norman, NC, to serve as PRO. They held out for some decent wind, having to almost continually move the marks and the boat, but their persistence paid off and we got two races in on Saturday.

The fleet was crazy aggressive. After the second general recall Don put up the "I" flag, but then had to postpone the race as the wind shifted again. By the time he got the line re-set and the wind filled back in he tried to run a standard race and AGAIN the fleet was over early. So then came the "Z" flag!

Do you remember what the "Z" flag even looks like?! I had fun talking to Don and Chris at the bratfest about what was going on on their boat. Don said, "One more general recall and I was going to go to the Black Flag!!"

Sunday the wind was steadier and there was a little less chop. Don and Chris didn't mess around and put the "I" flag up first thing. And the fleet was again over early. So then Don flew the "I" together with the "Z" and that seemed to calm everyone down!

We always have so much fun when we come up to Ephraim. The weather was gorgeous, as usual. though there was a deluge during the bratfest it did not dampen anyone's spirits. Ben and I particularly enjoyed talking with Ryan's mom, who came to the bratfest and also was at the club Sunday after racing was finished.

Full results are here: