Monday, November 28, 2016

Feeling the Winter Blues?

Where I am the sky is gray, it's pouring buckets upon buckets, and I'm wearing long johns. But I'm dreaming of sailing! I bet you are too! And so, I thought I'd give you some sailing news. The first item is that on January 14 Tyler and Carrie Andrews will be giving a talk at the Chicago Boat Show about crew work. My sources tell me Tyler and Eric Bussell are also giving a talk but I have no details on that just yet. So! Mark your calendars for the Chicago Boat Show!! If you get a group of 10 or more, my sources say you can get a 50% discount. That's not nothing!!

Secondly, many of us are starting to plan our sailing seasons, so I thought I'd list below the regional regattas — mostly midwest district, but not exclusively— so you can also start planning. You will note that the Midwest Districts have not quite been identified, but any day now we'll have that info! Now some folks (Hi, Vitts!) might still be enjoying sunshine and warm weather somewhere not in the Midwest, but for the rest of you, here we go:

March 12-16 MidWinters. New Orleans, Southern Yacht Club. My personal all time favorite Mid Winters destination. We always have moderate conditions, unlike Sarasota and Panama City and it's an easy drive for many of us.
April 29-30 Chattanooga  Choo Choo, Privateer Yacht Club (Tennessee)
June 3-4 Cowan Lake Pig Roast, Cowan Lake Sailing Association (Ohio)
June 10-11 Sixth Annual Indy Regatta, Eagle Creek Sailing Club
June 16-18 Egyptian Cup, Carlyle Lake Saiiling Club
June 25-30 60th Anniversary North Americans Sandusky Sailing Club, Sandusky, Ohio. I cannot promote this one enough to you all. First of all, it's practically in our backyard, plus 60th ANNIVERSARY, people!! and finally, Sandusky has so many other fun attractions that you can bring your friends an family and they can have fun while you are racing! We are expecting to have a guest speaker Sunday evening, and perhaps an opportunity to go as a group to the famous Cedarpoint Amusement Park. Hopefully you've been getting an occasional email from us and also seen a few announcements in Scots N Water. Come to the NAC!! Enough said.
July 29-30 Muddy Duck (Wooden Duck?) Medicine Lake Sailing Club, Minneapolis. We've lost touch with Medicine Lake for a few years, but those of you who were at Delevan had the pleasure of meeting some young, new sailors, as well as old salt Larry Klick. Medicine Lake is just outside Minneapolis and will be included in this year's Travel Trophy series.
August 5-6 Ephraim Regatta, Ephraim Yacht Club
September 15-17 Whale of a Sail - this is a multi-class regatta at Carlyle Sailing Association
September 22-24 Glow in the Dark, Clinton Lake Sailing Association.