Friday, August 13, 2010

Sailing Tee-Shirt from Scot Sailor D. Randy Adolphs

I'm posting an email below from midwest Flying Scot sailor D. Randy Adolphs. He has a great tee shirt for sail that you may be interested in...

Hello Ben and Fellow Flying Scot Sailors

Ben could you put this on your blog? We all have lots of good sailing tees but we could all use one more !

These simple words capture the essence of sailboat racing. Go in the right direction and HAVE FUN! Every sailor (and all your sailing buddies, family and friends) should have at least one t-shirt with this timeless message! Maybe two or three!! Great gifts!!! I just happen to have a few available. Email or call your order in now. Shirts are 100% cotton. Attached are some photos of shirts and available colors (I need a better looking model!).

Sizes: SM, M, L, XL, and 2XL.

Colors: Black, Charcoal, Heather Indigo, Iris, Military Green, Navy, Red, Royal, Tangerine and “pigment dyed” Pacific Blue, Forest Green & Wave Blue.

Ultra Cotton: $15 ea (or 2 for $25)
Heavy Cotton (Pigment Dyed) and 2XL’s: $17.50 (or 2 for $30)
Shipping: $5 (large orders TBD)

Please let me know how many you would like?

Many Thanks & Smooth/Fast Sailing (and remember - Life’s Hard. Sailing’s Easy. HAVE FUN!),
D. Randy or 608-334-9673

Monday, August 2, 2010

Ehraim Regatta Final Results

PosSailBoatSkipperCrew 1 /
Crew 2
15622Hogwarts ExpressMalmgren, RyanMalmgren, Evan241181
25775High 5Faugust, MichaelFaugust, Jennifer5152132
35698Reindeer IILott, JaySauter, David8329223
41168TagGoettelman, CainGoettelman, Seth6746234
55150KetchupKlick, LarryWilliams, James12715255
64987Charlie BCarpenter, HarryCarpenter, Carrie13633256
72922UndauntedClaypool, NancyClaypool, Carol /
Berger, Carrie
85015HelgaGerry, FrankGerry, Marianne315104328
94747R-bubEngelke, DanGheorghita, Liz79128369
10527T-BonePillat, ChristianHarsch, Skip989123810
11EYC 92Merry ScotPolzin, DierkPolzin, Don12128114311
125897SophieWilliams, BenAronson, Deb41411164512
134788Nauti-LassHowting, ChuckRiley, Aric24111775913
144810Think FastGoetsch, Griff
154175Blew By UBrown, KirkMoegenberg, Peter231714136715
16EYC 81White WhaleSmith, MatthewGheorghita, Will /
Harlan, Robert
17EYC 91Flying GhottiSchallip, BenShatto, Jim11131832/DNF7417
184150Mac ScotPearson, ScottPearson, Annika141619277618
192983EvieHill, TimHill, Peter1632/OCS13177819
20EYC 83Laura IICrowe, AldenMoegenburg, Peter282215188320
214278Blown AwayHeizer, JohnLiu, Jennifer181823248321
222787Make TimeBayer, TomJudd, Curtis /
Weiss, Paul
231988FernowFaugust, JimFaugust, Darlene222325259523
241322SkizotHeidler, WoodyZingsheim, Murphy1932/OCS32/OCS149724
255631Wind TalkerBussell, EricBussell, Rod251932/DNF219725
26EYC 93Crail IIPeterson, IsakPeterson, Stefan26241632/OCS9826
27769AriesLatreille, SaraMazeski, Kelly2126272610027
28EYC 82??Boughey, BrittanyDyar, Bryn /
Hooper, Kirstin
295922PhoenixThomas, JonathanLewis, Joani172132/DNC32/DNC10229
3025Who DatBaird, DanCoble, Christiana /
Berger, Steven
314411Liberty OneWelch, Graham

Ehraim Regatta - Deb's report: Sunday brings a nice breeze!

Whew! Back home from Ephraim and what a weekend. You know it is a good trip when you go away for just two days and come back refreshed and happy.

Sunday we were expecting wispy, light wind, even lighter than Saturday, so we were pleasantly surprised when, about 30 minutes before the first race started the wind filled in quite nicely. Not heavy, mind you, but enough to prevent a real shake and bake experience.

The high point of my day was the very first start, which was VERY fun! We duked it out at the pin end with a bunch of really good sailors and just squeaked by the pin, missing it by a whisker, and had good speed. Alas, after half a leg the fleet was called back — general recall.

Even with the decent wind, the water was choppy. Ben did a good job driving the boat through the waves and I did okay on weight management, but we were not at the top of our game. Despite a couple decent starts and good upwind legs — or at least parts that were good — we could not find our groove. Still, we didn’t make any glaring errors and ended up 12th out of 31 boats. Not too shabby. That Ephraim is a tough, tough fleet!

Meanwhile, shortly after we got off the water, Ben came down with a massive caffeine withdrawal headache .. maybe it was that weak coffee at our breakfast restaurant? Hmmm, perhaps we should carry our cappuccino maker on board!!

Ryan and Evan were really going fast on Sunday, scoring two bullets, which gave them the series win. Congrats Ryan and Evan! Local Ephraim sailors Mike Faugust, Jay Lott, and Cain Goettleman filled out the rest of the top four places. In fifth, from Medicine Lake, was Larry Klick. Just out of the trophies in sixth was Harry Carpenter, who sailed in a borrowed boat with Carrie. Harry and Carrie had a strong second day with two third place finishes.

Ryan Malmgren and Harry Carpenter also very generously gave a great seminar after the races Saturday, which was greatly appreciated.

Meanwhile, our fellow Clinton sailors John Heizer and Jen Liu looked great out there, finishing 21st and Eric and Rod Bussell, at their first Scot regatta ever, came away with a 25th place and — I think — a lot of good experiences!

Photos by Doug Williams

The rest of Doug's photos from the regatta and Jay's party can be found on Flickr: Ephraim Regatta Photos by Doug Williams

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Ehraim, Saturday - Deb's Update - Light Air!

Sailing conditions were light and shifty today at the Ephraim Regatta. Larry Klick and his crew, James Williams, from Medicine Lake, MN, had the best day of anyone, with a first- and second-place finish. There are more than 31 boats participating, as well as several International 110s.

The first race the wind was coming out of the south at about 180 degrees. We had a very good start and stayed on the right, which we decided looked better. We rounded about fifth at the first mark and about the same at the leeward mark. On the second upwind leg we concentrated on keeping the boat moving, not tacking very much and looking for pressure. We also spent a lot of time looking at the other boats around us, all of whom were doing pretty much the same thing! The committee shortened the race to that upwind mark, much to our relief, and we placed fourth. Just after we finished an entirely new and fresh wind came in from the north and the rest of the fleet finished the “upwind” leg with spinnakers flying. It was an awesome sight, but I did not envy the committee boat trying to take finishes with everyone all clustered together, including some International 110s.

We then waited for about an hour for the race committee to reset the course, at which point we sailed a second race. The wind seemed much better on the right side, but we started on the left to get a clear start and never quite recovered! Larry and James had a great windward leg, rounding well ahead of the next boats. That was the case for the entire race, until Mike and Jennifer Faugust caught them just at the finish. I can’t report much more about the front of the fleet because they were mostly out of sight as we tried to work our way back up through the fleet, without much success.

The race committee tried to get a third race off before the 3 pm deadline, but were unsuccessful, so we all headed back to the dock, many getting towed in, as the wind continued to die. Tomorrow predictions are for more very light wind, but time will tell.

Part of the Ephraim Regatta tradition is the annual Saturday bratfest, which is always very well attended. This year was no exception and we enjoyed brats, grilled corn on the cob, and lots of cold beer. The results also were posted there and a very partial listing includes:
Larry Klick and James Williams 3 pts
Ryan and Evan Malmgren tied with Mike and Jen Faugust 6 pts
Jay Lott and Dave Sauter 11 pts
Cain Goettelman and his brother Seth 13 pts

Someone ran off with the actual standings, so I can’t tell you more just now, but stay tuned!

Photos by Doug Williams.