Saturday, January 12, 2013

Spring Break for Grown Ups!!


Who says grown ups don't get a spring break? Come join the party at the Midwinters Regatta in Sarasota, FL!!

Registration forms are now available for the Flying Scot Midwinter Regatta, held March 11-15 in Sarasota, Florida. It's a nice chance to get away from the Midwest winter and to get a little sailing in before your season gears up. We just registered on line and it's very easy!

Here's the link

And if you want to work out some kinks before the regatta you can come to the Davis Island warm up regatta March 9 & 10.

Both facilities are top notch and the sailing is always good!

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Ring in the New Year with a Brand New Flying Scot at a Bargain Price!!

Well, this blog has been sadly quiet as Ben and I settle into our winter hibernation, dreaming of fair winds and new sails. But wait, what's this?! Ah, yes, the Chicago Boat Show, scheduled January 24-27 to help us through our winter doldrums.

An added attraction to this year's show is a brand new Flying Scot, #6030, being offered by Harry Carpenter at a deeply discounted price. You can save $4,000 if you decide this is the boat for you!!

Please let your sailing friends (or even those who don't sail ... yet!) about this great deal! I am going to try to post the flyer Harry sent me with all the details.

Hmmmm... nope, not working. Okay, here it is in cut-and-paste style!


Flying Scot 6030 complete –
White hull and white deck, dark blue stripes and gray gel coat centerboard cap
Mad sails – main, jib and spinnaker – choice of colors as sails are not ordered yet
Mast hinge
Aluminum trailer and tie-down
Spinnaker pole     
360 swivel cleat for centerboard     
Ronstan X-10 hike out stick
Mast head fly
2:1 purchase on main sheet – light Carbo blocks
Spinnaker halyard led aft with reel           
Spinnaker guy hooks on deck with cleats at chainplates (flat adjusters)     
Spinnaker sheets – internal system with ratchets under seat
Outhaul – 6:1 internal wire           
Cunningham – 6:1 led through deck and cleated to console
Vang – 12:1 cascading led aft to console cleat           
Pole lift led through deck to console cleat – 2:1           
Pole downhaul – shock cord through deck
Spinnaker turtles on forward seat corners
Jib sheets – cleated on seat with auto ratchet
Hike-out line on centerboard cap
Nosewheel/Jack for trailer tongue
Radical Race Package Price                  $20,708.00
Freight to Chicago                  700.00

Discounted Show Boat Price including delivery to Navy Pier          $17,600.00

Top and bottom covers available at additional cost. 

For more information contact or visit our web site at