Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Midwest District Launches its Own Travel Series

As we here in the Midwest saw other districts launch successful travel series (I’m speaking mainly of the Dixie Lakes district, thanks to the late Charlie Fowler), and because we’d also like to encourage sailors in our district to travel more within the district, we decided to create our own Midwest District Traveling Series. 

Our plan is that each club in our district may nominate its regatta to be included in the series, though only one regatta may be nominated per club. Some clubs, like Carlyle and Eagle Creek, host two or more regattas in a year, and it wouldn’t be fair for them to have a home court advantage (ie not having to travel) more than once. The Districts (held this year at Eagle Creek, June 21-22) will always be included in the series.

The Midwest District covers a lot of highway miles, from N. Dakota to Indianapolis, so we had to come up with a reasonable number of regattas sailors had to participate in to qualify for the trophy. We decided that 50%, or the next nearest number, would work, so if five clubs nominate their regatta, participants must sail in three of them to qualify. In the event of a tie the trophy will go to the boat that sailed in the most regattas.

To qualify skippers must also be a member of a Midwest District club and a member of FSSA.

Clubs will send their nomination to our district governor, Ben Williams. 

I imagine it might take a few years for the idea to catch on, but so far this year we have five regattas signed up, which is great! They are:
·      Flying Scot Midwest Districts, Eagle Creek Sailing Club, June 21-22
·      Sheridan Shores Race Weekend, Wilmette Harbor, July 26-28.
·      Ephraim Regatta, Ephraim Yacht Club, August 2-4
·      Egyptian Cup, Carlyle Sailing Association, September 2-3
·      Glow in the Dark Regatta, Clinton Lake Sailing Association, 27-29

I am hopeful we’ll have some Scot sailors who’ve been considering traveling and this series will provide just the impetus to do so! See you on the circuit!

Friday, May 3, 2013

Great 48 at Lake Norman is Crowded with Boats!!

Ben and I pulled into Lake Norman this afternoon for the annual Great 48 and instead of six or seven boats on the lawn I counted 14, with the 15th pulling in right behind us. It's a mob! It is no surprise, considering the North Americans will be here in mid-July. Everyone is here to try to psych out  the lake in anticipation for the NACs.  I heard someone at registration say they expected 40 boats. That will be a very long starting line!!

Ben and I have set up our tent. It'll be good camping weather; it's chillier here than in Illinois and the forecast promises a LOT of wind, with gusts in the low 20s. 

So far we have seen Kim and Dave Thinel from Tampa, Frank and Marianne Gerry from Chicago (actually members of Clinton Lake this year), Ryan Malmgren, who is sailing with John Wake, and many, many more!

Hopefully I'll have energy after we sail tomorrow to make a short report on the sailing itself.
Stay tuned.