Saturday, October 9, 2010

Wife-Husband Regatta...

Back in 2005, when we first got our Flying Scot, the most exciting aspect to me was this national Wife-Husband regatta. It says a lot about the class that they host this among only a handful of other nationally sanctioned regattas. Well, between one thing and another, we have yet to actually sail in the Wife-Husband. Several times we had work conflicts; the one year we DID make it (Oklahoma City) it blew 30 mph ALL WEEKEND! We had a good time, but not on the water!

So, here we are, at Lake Norman, North Carolina, in our second attempt to participate in the Wife-Husband and this time ... so far there is zero wind! Are we a bit of a jinx? I hope not! It's coming up on noon and we're looking for wind. Doesn't look likely, but things can change.

Still, no matter what happens, it's been a successful trip; last two times we came here (last fall and this spring) for regattas, our car broke down. Once we borrowed had to borrow a car from another sailor, once we had to borrow a boat. The fact that we got here with both car and boat marks this as a win!

Driving down was wonderfully uneventful. We listened to the Jack Aubrey novels (Master and Commander). We are on the epidsode called "Surgeon's Mate." I can't really encapsulate the story but we like them so much that we listen to them from the minute we leave the driveway until we pull into the club, stopping only to eat or get gas! Does that make us boring?! don't answer that.

Last night we got here in time to put our tent up before we went in to dinner. Yumm! Brisket, salad and the works. It was crowded. Word is there are more than 40 boats, which is a big as the Midwinters some years. I think we might be the only boat from the Midwest district, but I could be wrong. Stay tuned, maybe we'll have some sailing stories shortly.

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