Thursday, March 10, 2011

Day Two of Midwinters

Boy Howdy! Yesterday was some fun, with winds of about 18 with gusts to mid 20s or more. It was gorgeous weather; the water was Caribbean blue, and the sun on the white caps made a lovely sight, like the cover of a travel brochure. There was a spectators’ boat with a deck that was really high above the water. It had about a dozen people on it and I imagine they had great fun watching the action.
Behind the scenes, however, my fingers were puckered and my drawers were droopy with the drenching I got as front crew. I was smiling — or occasionally grimacing — the whole time.
Ben did a good job of keeping the boat flat, considering we were pretty light (320 lb). Jeff Linton has inducted us into the “fly weights club” and we are in good company, between him and his crew/wife Amy Smith and Mike and Amy Miller, who are less than either us or the Lintons.
We sat back in the boat and Sophie seemed to like that a lot. On the spinnaker legs our light weight occasionally paid off. One time we had what seemed like a three-minute continuous plane right down the rhumb line to the gate, passing a few boat on either side.
We’ll see what today brings, but we’ve got five races in already; two on Tuesday in moderate wind (that post got lost in the ether) and three in yesterday’s blow. This morning a huge storm came through, which I’ll write about shortly.

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