Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Glow II and Midwest District Championships

A longer post will follow with some of the exciting details.  Suffice it to say, the conditions were perfect, the racing was very competitive, the parties were fun.  I'm pretty sure that everyone had a wonderful time.  Deb and I certainly did!

Pictures are worth 1000's of words - 

Line up at one of the starts on Saturday...

Glow II 2011 Winners, Rob Fowler and Scot Cline, who traveled all the way from Chattanooga, TN...

2011 Midwest District Champions, Ryan Malmgren and Amy Novak...

Photos above by Doug Williams.  Here is a link to all of Doug's photos from the regatta posted on Flickr:  CLICK HERE TO GO TO THE PHOTOS

I am posting below the results for Glow and the Districts which were combined this year.  The results differ because we had some sailors from other districts competing in the Glow regatta.

2011 Glow II Regatta

PosSailSkipperCrew 1 /
Crew 2
15152Rob FowlerScot Cline 111339
25622Ryan MalmgrenAmy Novak 2255115
35897Ben WilliamsDeb Aronson 5442419
45015Frank GerryMarianne Gerry 6561220
55150Larry KlickJames Williams 7626627
62512Randy AdolphsKasi Rekoske 38124835
74788Charles HowtingLuthor Torgerson 47108938
85892Bill VoglerDeb Torgerson 89391039
95551Christopher WrightJon Wright 93718 OCS542
105404Jack McClurkinDan Lopionski 1213157754
113204Stephen GrossmanEric Grossman 11158111156
125631Eric BussellRod Bussell 181411121368
135356Bill HumphriesLinda Lind 10109212171
145927Dave SherwoodEmory Luth 161214161573
154278Geoff EndrisPatrick Endris 151816141275
165638Felicia BamerLinda Tatum /
Adam Benson
172695Walter BarniskisMichael Barniskis 191620101479
183683Hugh RoberstsonChristina 141117212184
192981Ken JohnsonTeri Keeler /
George Keeler
205681Chistopher TesdaleBryce Davis 171918171788

2011 Midwest District Championships

PosSailSkipperCrew 1 /
Crew 2
15622Ryan MalmgrenAmy Novak 2255115
25897Ben WilliamsDeb Aronson 5442419
35015Frank GerryMarianne Gerry 6561220
45150Larry KlickJames Williams 7626627
52512Randy AdolphsKasi Rekoske 38124835
64788Charles HowtingLuthor Torgerson 47108938
75892Bill VoglerDeb Torgerson 89391039
85551Christopher WrightJon Wright 93718 OCS542
95404Jack McClurkinDan Lopionski 1213157754
103204Stephen GrossmanEric Grossman 11158111156
115631Eric BussellRod Bussell 181411121368
125927Dave SherwoodEmory Luth 161214161573
134278Geoff EndrisPatrick Endris 151816141275
145638Felicia BamerLinda Tatum /
Adam Benson
152695Walter BarniskisMichael Barniskis 191620101479
162981Ken JohnsonTeri Keeler /
George Keeler

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