Sunday, November 4, 2012

Enough Wind for One Good Race....

I'll say this for the Lake Norman race committee. If there is wind, they will find it! During the skippers' meeting there was moderate wind but as soon as it was over, the wind dwindled. The race committee postponed for about 20 minutes and then the wind did come in, though not with as much conviction as we all would have liked. We managed one race, with moments of pretty good pressure and no drifting, so that was great! The poor race committee tried for more than an hour to start another race, as the wind trickled in from first one angle and then another. Finally they decided to pack it in for another day.

On shore the social committee had planned entertainment with a cowboy/western theme. Sailors tossed horse shoes and also tossed hats on a bedpost — winners got to eat first, so that was a popular prize and the lines wound all the way to the beer taps. Turns out tossing a floppy hat onto a bedpost is way harder than tossing horseshoes. These activities were interrupted by a hilarious skit MC'd by Larry Vitez in which Carol Claypool was accused of stealing the class flag and a western sheriff (Mike Noone) came in to dispense frontier justice, complete with a shoot out and a casket!!

After we cooked our own melt-in-the-mouth steaks there were prizes for best costume and then a western trivia contest.  The ruckus could be heard for miles around as people shouted out their answers.

When we woke this morning and looked out of our tent to see the sunrise there was a beautiful northerly, fie mph breeze. We have our fingers crossed that it will last for today's races!

The top five after yesterday's race were:

Peter Beam
Bill Ross
Ben Williams
Don Smith
Eric Aschaffenburg

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