Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Whew! A little too much of a good thing!

Well, today brought even more wind than yesterday, but we headed out in the hopes that it would begin to calm down. Just at the start the wind actually began to build.  PRO Judy (I forget her last name) was fabulous, delaying the start to see if the wind would continue to build or not. It looked like we'd be going in, until she called regatta chair, John Domagala (who loves heavy air!) for a consult. At that point she decided, the race is on! The wind came down a bit for the first two legs and we managed a four-leg race, with the wind building and gusting the last two legs. After that finish we got sent in and I didn't hear anyone complaining!

Even though the wind was greater, we had no collisions or boat damage today. Maybe everyone had shaken out their cobwebs on the course yesterday.

The standings can be found on the FSSA website, but our own Ryan Malmgren won the Championship division race and Chuck Howting extended his lead in the Challenger division.

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