Friday, August 9, 2013

It's Not Too Late! Two More Regattas in the Traveling Series.

For anyone who might have been reading these posts you'll know that we've inaugurated a traveling series trophy this year. So far the qualifying regattas have been the Districts, Sheridan Shores Race Weekend and Ephraim. If you have sailed any one of those you are still in the running for the trophy. You must sail three regattas to qualify and there are two more regattas on our "dance card."

Those are:
Egyptian Cup, Carlyle Lake, Labor Day Weekend
Glow in the Dark, Clinton Lake, September 28 and 29

I will post a photo of the trophy in the near future...I hope!

Also, briefly, here is the scoring:

At each regatta
First place = 10 points
Second place = 9 points
Third place = 8 points
Fourth place = 7 points
Fifth place = 6 points
Sixth place = 5 points
Seventh place = 4 points
Eight place or greater = 3 points
DNC = 0 points

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