Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Reminder: This Year's Travel Trophy Begins May 18

This is just a quick reminder that this year's travel trophy will kick off May 17 & 18 at Eagle Creek Sailing Club in  Indianapolis, IN. You should have received the NOR from your fleet captain, but if you need it, email either me ( or Geoff Endris ( and we can send it to you.

The other regattas in the schedule for the trophy are:
Midwest Districts, June 27-29 at Sheridan Shores Yacht Club
Ephraim Regatta, August 1-3 at Ephraim, Wisconsin
Egyptian Cup, August 29-31, Carlyle Sailing Association
Glow in the Dark, September 26-28, Clinton Lake Sailing Association

You must be a member of FSSA, a member of a Midwest District club, and participate in three regattas to qualify. The skipper with the most points in their top three regattas wins the trophy. Here's how the scoring works:
At each regatta
First place = 10 points
Second place = 9 points
Third place = 8 points
Fourth place = 7 points
Fifth place = 6 points
Sixth place = 5 points
Seventh place = 4 points
Eight place or greater = 3 points
DNC = 0 points

I will also mention that at the regatta at Lake Norman (NC) last May someone got up to talk about what districts have travel trophies and it turns out we are one of only about four, I think. I was kind of impressed!!

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  1. ECSC typically blows about 3 grand on this regatta. Live band, catered food, great prizes. Should be quite a party.

    The overall Regatta trophy goes to the winner of the largest fleet. Typically, this is the Highlander fleet. We need 10 boats to take the trophy this year.

    Geoff Endris
    ECSC FS Fleet Captain