Friday, September 19, 2014

Off to "Sail for the Grail"

Ben and I are hitting the road for our next regatta, since we haven't sailed enough this year! Instead of heading north to the Michigan-Ontario District for their Hot Scot regatta we are driving 8 hours east to  Lake Arthur, Pa., which is just outside Pittsburgh, I believe. Mark and Maria Benner, two of our best sailing friends, host this regatta every year and we can't wait to see them. The camping is going to be lovely too, I understand. Sunday we will partake in a tradition we are unfamiliar with: they do a distance race, called Bridge-to-Bridge, instead of round the buoys! We'll let you know how that works out for us.

So far, I'm packed:
camera, check;
sailing gear, check;
camping gear, check;
computer so I can post blogs, check;
skipper ....Ooops, almost forgot to pick him up at work! (As if!).

We're off!

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