Monday, February 23, 2015

Welcome New District Members!

As I was editing Scots N' Water this morning I noticed that we have two new Scot owners listed in the magazine and I'd like to welcome them to their respective fleets and to our district. In fact, both new members have already been on the regatta circuit, so this is just making it official!

Greg and Linda Vitt, from Lake Carlyle,, who joined us at the Glow this past fall, have officially become FSSA members. Also, Craig Rost, from Clinton Lake Sailing Association, has ...shall we say ... drunk the Koolaid and bought a Flying Scot. He's already planning his regatta schedule...are you?!

Just a quick reminder, for those who are in the southern end of our district, the Chanttanooga Choo Choo, held the last weekend of April, is not a terrible drive and the competition there is always fierce! Check it out: the club, which they completely renovated last year, is called Privateer Yacht Club. Keep the faith! Spring WILL come!

Also, Robert and Lynn Johnson are also new Scot owners in the Midwest, but they do not identify themselves with a fleet. They live in Lake Villa, IL does anyone know where that is? Perhaps we can encourage them to join the fun at one of our fleets!

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