Monday, August 24, 2015

First "47th Annual Smackdown" a Success

Who will win the coveted Smackdown Trophy Belt?!
Bronson (left) and Ben talking trash
Looks pretty good on Bronson!

Well, the first 47th annual Illinois Smackdown was a success. This past weekend was part two of the challenge and four boats came up from Carlyle to participate in the Clinton Lake club races. In addition, Geoff Endris and his crew, Tom Moore, came west from Indianapolis! We went out in the morning for some practice races. Ben got on John Cassada's boat with his crew, Adam, and coached them a bit. I think John appreciated the coaching because when he trophied at the end of the day (3rd in the challenger division, yay John!) he offered half the trophy to Ben, which I guess meant he was going to split the other half with Adam!

Here are Fleet 135 Captain Eric Bussell with John and Adam
 A couple CSA sailors came up the night before to join us for Venetian Night and a steak cookout. Here you see Chris Tesdal manning the grill, with Bronson Bowling "coaching" him on the left.
(right)Chris Tesdal, Grillmaster. (left) Bronson Bowling, kibbitzer

Sunday morning sailing we had moderate conditions, but some steady misting rain, which we had not counted on. It did not dampen our enthusiasm! After four practice races we came in and our tireless social chair, Debbie Yeagle, had a hot lunch ready for us. It was unseasonably chilly, not to mention damp, and the warm food was yummy and much appreciated.

By the afternoon winds had really picked up. No white caps, but those who ate a lot at lunch did not regret it. Unfortunatley, I got a migraine and had to withdraw, but luckily Bronson had a
spare crew and so Carrie, a newbie sailor, jumped on Ben's boat. From what she said and what Ben said, they both had fun. It was very sporting of Carlyle's team to lend us a sailor, that's for sure!

Rod Bussell and Dick Hanson very capably ran four good races and everyone came in about 3 pm, as the winds built to the point that the kite boards came out. Although Carlyle came out ahead last weekend, Clinton's home lake advantage proved enough to make Fleet 135 the overall winner.

Here is the famous belt made by Bryan Hunt! 
In addition, in terms of overall standings just for the day Eric Bussell and Tom Yeagle came out on top. 

Fleet captain Eric Bussell and Tom Yeagle

I just gotta say that this interclub challenge really spiced up our club racing and made for some really great times. Thanks to Linda and Gregg Vitt, Eric Sutton and Emilio Tellini, John Cassada and Adam, and Bronson and his crew, who somehow I never met (Luke, maybe?) for making the trip to Clinton this weekend and joining in the fun! Hope we can do it again next season!

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