Tuesday, June 21, 2016

More Catching Up: Wife-Husband and Berlin Lake (Ohio)

Boy, June is a hard month to keep up with! No sooner had we sailed Cowan Lake's Pig Roast Regatta, than we "had" to drive 15 hours to Deltaville, VA, and the annual Wife-Husband Regatta. I've always wanted to sail at Fishing Bay and it lived up to my hopes and more. First of all, it's on the Chesapeake and gorgeous, plus the club is on a spit of land so they have water on both sides. You pull into the club and on the left are slips for big boats and a hoist and to the left is a club house and a ramp. Something for everyone! Did I mention the pool?

With 32 boats, turn out was good and competition was fierce! As you can see from the results (go to fssa.com and click on regatta results) plenty of good sailors had at least one finish in the double digits, with the exceptions being the top two finishers - the Lintons and Roger and Kate Sharp (congratulations you all!). And we'd include Tyler and Carrie Andrews in that list, except that when the wind built significantly on Sunday, they came in before the third race...
Carrie is expecting in September, after all!!

Cupcakes and more courtesy of Diane
The happy couple!! They were surprised.

This is Lynn, the mastermind
Speaking of the expectant parents, Lynn Bruss (Chattanooga) and Diane Kampf (Massapoag, Mass.) organized such a thoughtful baby shower for Tyler and Carrie. They lured the couple upstairs after dinner Saturday, where they'd decorated and Diane had made cupcakes and everything. The only hard part was that not everyone had heard about it ... considering the plans were made on Facebook and they were trying to keep it a secret, it was hard to send out a global message.

Anyway, sailing, sailing. Saturday the wind started out nice but by the time the race started it was light and shifty. Still, it was race-able. Then the wind died entirely and we sat for a long time hoping for the sea breeze. It came, and that was nice, but it only established itself further out into the bay. The race committee was convinced they had breeze where they were and started a second race. But then something happened I'd never seen...the morning's breeze not only stayed around but conquered the sea breeze. Chaos ensued. We started the race, then the morning's breeze came back and not only overtook the sea breeze but made such a shift of direction that the race committee abandoned the race. After that they were so discouraged they sent us in. We had a lovely sail in, but no more racing.

Sunday the wind was more steady and even built significantly so that by the second and third races we saw lots of whitecaps and other excitement. But the puffs built steadily so there were few surprises. The race committee managed three races for the championship fleet in these marvelous conditions and we all came in completely and totally wiped out.  The challengers held two races, so they were entirely pulled out and packed up by the time we got back to the dock, which worked lovely for everyone.

It was a very long drive for us and I think  I think Ben and  I might have been the only Midwest District sailors. We hung with our friends Mark and Maria Benner (Ohio District), who also camped...I think we were the only two camping couples. At least in tents. We also saw Bruce and Lynn Kitchen, also from the Ohio District. Ryan and Stacey were going to come but Chloe, Ryan's daughter decided she would attend her high school graduation ceremony. Sailors still all enjoyed the Mad Sails-sponsored keg!

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