Saturday, July 31, 2010

Arrival in Ephraim

Here we are in lovely, cool Ephraim, WI, for the 105th annual Ephraim Regatta! Clinton Lake has three boats here; us, John Heizer and Jen Liu, and Eric and Rod Bussell. We passed the Bussell’s on the road yesterday; it’s always so exciting to see another Flying Scot on the road!

Last night Jay Lott threw his annual “roadkill party,” with the most amazing food, all of which he had caught. We had salmon fresh-caught by Jay and Ryan Malmgren … where DO you catch salmon inland? Then there were duck and pheasant kebobs, which I’ve never had and were very flavorful. In addition there were crowd pleasers like mac n cheese (one kid who was in line accosted Ben as he walked by with a full plate, ‘is there mac n cheese left?” he asked in desperation!) Then there were hot dogs, brats and the works.

In addition to Flying Scots participating in the regatta, other Ephraim Yacht Club members came to Jay’s and Clinton Lake Flying Scot sailors Joe and Denise Karbarz, who are spending the week in their cabin boat and are planning on being spectators, came to the party.

We camped at Ryan’s cabin, which is tucked away in the woods up the road in Sister Bay. The land borders the water and is up on a cliff. They have steps down to a gorgeous beach, full of huge rocks. It is absolutely breathtaking and we feel lucky to be here. It does, however, rain in this paradise, and last night as we snuggled in our tent, the rain came down for hours. Still, we stayed dry, it looks like the rain has stopped for the moment, and we are now looking forward to setting up our boat and having a great day of sailing in gorgeous Ephraim.

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