Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Deb's second post from the NACs (posted Wednesday, 6/30)

Well, when I left you all yesterday, we dashed out to the racecourse during a break in the weather and, between one thing and another managed to complete all three races of the round-robin qualifying series. Unfortunately, it took about 8 hours, with winds topping out at about 18 with gusts over 20 and lots of chop. In addition, we had almost finished one race that they subsequently abandoned when a squall came through, and had several general recalls in which one fleet sailed almost an entire leg. So that made for a long day!

Both Ben and John qualified for the Challenger fleet, but no races are being run yet, since winds are now 20 and above, with some gusts being reported at 29! This is survival sailing at its finest, especially with a light crew weight. Nevertheless, we're have a good time, we are certainly not overheating, which had been my big concern. From our district, both Ryan Malmgren and Frank Gerry are in the Championship Fleet, so GO MIDWEST District!!

BUT, the big news is that the local paper, the Sun Herald has front sports page feature of the regatta and Yours Truly is in a photo below the fold, complete with our Clinton Lake affiliation! Check it out!! www.sunherald.com, scroll down the page until you find sports and you'll see a feature labeled, "The Big Breezy." The photo of us at the start line was in the print version too!! Go Clinton Lake!!!
Or you can go straight to the story at http://www.sunherald.com/2010/06/29/2298154/the-big-breezy.html

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