Monday, September 17, 2012

Whale of a Sail report

Our district had two, count 'em two, multi class regattas going on this past weekend. Here is Felicia Bamer's report on the Whale. Ben and I went to the Eagle Creek Sailing Club's Governor's Cup to support our newest fleet, #201. I'll post about that shortly, but here is Felicia's post:

Susie and Tim Stombaugh (2162) won first place in the Flying Scot division of the 2012 Whale.  Fortunately, with the sixth race they were able to drop a 5th to defeat Bill and Jill Vogler (5392).
Susie and Tim had 4 firsts and Bill and Jill had 2 firsts.  Emilio and Sue Tellini received the third place trophy with great racing!
Winds were fantastic for the weekend.  Saturday winds before lunch were 12-15 for two races from the east.  And, in the afternoon  the winds dropped down to 10 from the east south east.

Sunday the winds were around 7-8 and then 8-10 from the southeast east for a great regatta.

Congrats to Thomas and Stephanie who raced in their first regatta and did not finish last.
10 Flying Scots raced for the largest fleet with the out of towner being Susie and Tim as well as Chuck and Denise Hollman from Delavan Yacht Club.

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