Monday, October 1, 2012

Better Late Than Never

Well, it's been more than two weeks since our last regatta and I'm only now getting around to writing about it. Could that be because our performance was the weakest ever? Nah!! I'm sure it's just because I've been so busy! Anyway, we had eight boats at Eagle Creek Sailing Club (ECSC), including Ryan Malmgren, Harry and Karen Carpenter, and Frank and Marianne Gerry, as well as local sailors Cary Carpenter and Geoff Endris.

The lake, like most lakes in the Midwest, was low, but that did not pose a problem for the Flying Scots. The real problem was the very faint wind over both days. Still, most everyone (except us!) appeared to handle the wind fine. We managed to be at the back of the fleet no matter which side we picked! It happens like that sometimes, I guess!

The ECSC Governor's Cup is a multi-fleet regatta with a twist; in addition to scoring each fleet separately, all fleets compete for the Cup, which goes to the fleet with the most participants. The Flying Scots tied the Highlanders for the most participants, but the Highlanders won in the tiebreaker.  Next year, though, next year we will have more Flying Scots at ECSC and one of us will take home the Governor's Cup!

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