Thursday, July 18, 2013

Where the Wind Deserts Us Once Again

 Thursday we woke to dead calm. The race committee had prepared us for this, explaining at the Wednesday night dinner what they would do when/if they postponed the next day. We got the strong impression that even they were not very optimistic about wind.

This time, unlike Tuesday, they postponed for a set amount of time, posting the message on the website and hoisting a number flag (i.e. "1" for one hour) under the AP flag at the Race Management Center. So by 9, when they flew the "2" flag under the AP we knew the racing was postponed at least two hours. That gave me time to go for a swim. John Wake and I swam along the shore, using each dock as a guide and a waypoint. The water was so calm that swimming 40 minutes was pretty relaxing, all in all. It was so warm I didn't even wear my hot pink bathing cap, which I usually do to ward off motor boats.

Shortly before noon we got the AP over H flag, which told us the race committee had given up for the day and we were free to move about Mooresville. The rest of the day we basically hung out, mostly on the back porch but by the end of the day we'd moved inside. Ben and I did have lunch with the Chattanooga  crowd (Rob, Stuart, Tom, Linda, Bill and John) from Privateer Yacht Club and then went to see The Heat at a local theater. By then we barely had time to rush back to the house to primp for the annual meeting and banquet at the Memory Lane Automotive Museum. The museum was a funky affair, full of, not only old-time cars,
but bicycles, cut outs of various race car drivers and ...
Seriously! Two suits of armor!

Diane Kampf passed the gavel to our very own Frank Gerry, of the Midwest District (and Clinton Lake Sailing Association) and got a standing ovation for all her hard work over the last two years.

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