Friday, July 5, 2013

Midwest Districts Had it All

The first Midwest District Regatta hosted by Eagle Creek Sailing Club had it all: light wind, moderate wind, thunder and lightning, sunshine and buckets of rain!  We had boats from six clubs, including Medicine Lake (MN), Ephraim (WI), Chicago, and Clinton Lake and we got all five scheduled races in. Our district covers a lot of ground, when you figure Larry Klick came from Medicine Lake, Minnesota, and that's a 12 hour drive!!

The wind Saturday was light and variable out of the west, southwest. The trick at Eagle Creek is that, unless the wind is coming due south, the course runs across the width of the lake, which does not leave much room for a race course. We were all hoping for some nice southerly winds, but on Saturday it started in the southwest and soon clocked to the west. I will be forever haunted by the windward mark placed up against the shore, where Ben and I approached roughly even with Carrie and Harry Carpenter and by the time we rounded, they were at the leeward mark. It was the hole of death for us!

(From top: close racing; Chris and John Wright; Mike and Jennifer Faugust; Fleet 135!; and tight pack at the start)

Eagle Creek harbor is at the end of a long inlet and quite protected, so we occasionally had to get a tow in or out to the race course. Saturday as we began sailing back to the club a storm that we thought was going to dodge us dumped an absolute deluge on us. It wasn't cold, exactly, but it was very, very wet! As  lightning lit up the sky, we graciously accepted a tow... By the end of the evening many participants were very happy to put on their long-sleeved, Eagle Creek Flying Scot commemorative tshirts!

The water was a little too much like a mirror early Sunday morning and race organizers were very nervous. Nevertheless, by the time we got to the race course the wind had picked up and was out of a friendly, southerly direction. We got two more races in, mostly along the long axis of the lake, which was a very nice way to wind up the event!

Mike and Jennifer Faugust were by far the most consistent in the difficult conditions. Clinton Lake sailors won the Fleet 135 trophy, which is for the three highest finishing teams from a single club. Clinton Lake IS Fleet 135, but this is the first time our club has won the trophy since it was inaugurated in 1995. Frank and Marianne Gerry also won the "Old Salts" trophy as the highest finishing boat with combined ages of 100 or more.

The results are here:

Sail # Skipper Crew Club Race 1 Race 2          Race 3 Race 4 Race 5    Total
5775 Mike Faugust Jennifer Faugust Ephraim 2 2 3 2 1 10
5015 Frank Gerry Marianne Gerry Clinton Lake 6 5 2 1 5 19
5419 Carrie Carpenter Harry Carpenter Eagle Creek 3 4 5 5 3 20
5551 Chris Wright John Wright Sheridan Shores 8 1 7 3 2 21
5150 Larry Klick Jacob Meldman Medicine Lake 7 6 1 4 7 25
5897 Ben Williams Deb Aronson Clinton Lake 5 3          11 (ret) 8 4 31
5631 Eric Bussell Bryan Hunt Clinton Lake 1 10 10 6 6 33
4278 Geoff Endris Patrick Endris Eagle Creek 4 9 4 7 9 33
3951 Jeff Gilman Brett Eickenberg Sheridan Shores 9 7 8 10 8 42
5395 Jack Marwick Janet Marwick Delavan 10 8 6 9 10 43

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