Friday, August 8, 2014

Michigan-Ontario Districts in Detroit

Well, Ben and I have decided to come to the Michigan-Ontario Districts, which is being held in Detroit. We've never been to Detroit before and I know it's going to be quite an adventure! I spoke to the regatta organizer, Kelly Murphy, before we came and she explained that Saturday we'll be towed (about an hour!!) to Lake St. Claire and then, I believe, on Sunday we'll race on the river. This will be very different from anywhere we usually sail!

We're also  looking forward to sailing against people we don't usually get to see.  We know a few people in this district, like governor Bill Pfund (who can't be here) and Brian and Suzie Hawkins, who host the Hot Scot regatta near Ann Arbor. Maybe they'll be here, but either way, I imagine we'll meet some new faces and definitely have a new adventure.

 By the time we pulled into the Detroit Yacht Club (founded some time in the mid 1800s) it was very dark. This time I remembered my camera, so I'll make sure to take pictures tomorrow. The DYC is on an island (Belle Isle)  in the middle of the Detroit River and it seemed like we drove almost the whole perimeter of the island before we got to the, very fancy-looking, club. The rest of the island, which appears quite large, looks to be one enormous park, including an aquarium, picnic shelters and I don't know what else. No camping allowed, however, so we're in a hotel.

Someone at the club had recommended we stay at the Marriott at Renaissance Center, but it was more than $200/night and the website described it as 76 floors of gleaming something or other. thank you! I found the Detroit Regency, which is only a mile or so from the island where the yacht club is and much more down to earth. Nothing fancy but it seems perfectly safe. Half the price.

Winds are supposed to be somewhat high this weekend, so we'll see how it goes.

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