Friday, August 8, 2014

Sailing World article on Wife-Husband

On another topic, the article in the August issue of Sailing World about the Wife-Husband regatta (titled Couples Therapy) has been very well received, at least among the people I've spoken to. Of course, who would tell me if they didn't like it! Anyway, here's my plug to try to find the issue, if you can. It really is a great spotlight on the Flying Scot class. Eventually I imagine we'll get permission to reprint it, either in Scots N Water or on the website...

And, while I'm at it, here's a reminder, for those of you who sail with your spouse, to consider signing up for this year's Wife-Husband regatta, which is being held at the Sayville Yacht Club in Blue Point, NY.( Event/15401). It's a blast!

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