Monday, April 20, 2015

Only 70 Raffle Tickets Left!

I realize that I have been remiss in letting you all know of this amazing opportunity created by the Flying Scot Association. The association, with support from Harry Carpenter, is raffling off a brand new Flying Scot. And it's not just any boat. It's a boat built to your specifications. You can get it rigged for cruising or for racing, you can get it painted the way you've always dreamed.

So! What're you waiting for?!

Tickets are $100 each. Think of that, $100 for a beautiful new Scot! And you have pretty good odds, considering only 250 tickets total will be sold. You have until tickets are sold out or the North American Championships, whichever comes first. The winning ticket will be pulled at the NAC in Bay Waveland, LA (June 20-26). If you are wondering about whether you might be able to go to that event, check it out on the website (though you don't have to be present to don't even have to be an FSSA member....though I'm sure you are!!).  Seventeen boats have already signed up for the regatta and we are months away!

As the headline says, ticket sales are strong. Out of the original 250 tickets, fewer than 70 are left. So giddyup, pardner, and head to, click on join/renew/donate, scroll down to and click on "Flying Scot Foundation DONATION" Where the donation dedication box is, put Flying Scot Raffle, and amount = $100. You'll get a receipt and acknowledgement of your donation. All names will be put in the pot when it comes time to draw the winner, so you won't have to keep track of a ticket or anything.

Plus, even if, heaven forbid, you don't win, your donation goes to support Flying Scot Foundation, a great cause!! That's what I call a win-win!!!

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