Sunday, April 10, 2016

Wednesday a Blow out, Thursday Fabulouso

Well, we are back home after a wonderful wonderful week, but I have some catching up to do, considering I never posted after the postponement on Wednesday. Bottom line, the wind continued to blow with steady winds at about 26 mph, with gusts in the 30s, according to various verbal reports I heard. There never was any question, it appeared, about going out. It's nice when the decision is so clear.

Gordy's tent. Looks hobbity to me!

The rest of the day we hung around, especially around tent city. I should have mentioned sooner, there were about a dozen tent campers at the club which made the week very fun. We met some sailors new to us from Cowan Lake Sailing Association (Sean, Andy, Scott and Julius, among others), visited with fellow Midwest District sailors Bronson and Rachel Bowling, and Craig Rost and Rob Parker, plus Gordy Roberts from Ephraim, and renewed our acquaintance with Paul Lee from Detroit, who sailed with his kids, Rhys and Adrianna. Tent city was a fun subculture to the regatta and had the added appeal of being FREE and within easy walking distance of the bar where I discovered that my current favorite drink is a dark and stormy - ginger beer with rum. The first one I had I liked best and I think I need to do some research about rum types in the future. But it's all good!

Tent City and its inhabitants. See all the tents?

Tents City and its inhabitants, you can see the people better here

From left, Bronson, Rob, Scott, Julius and Sean
On top of the wind, the late afternoon brought some dramatic squalls that sent us all running to close up our tents and then dashing for the bar. That night was also the banquet, so I put on some relatively clean clothes and we headed over to the main building. We heard a little bit about each upcoming national event, first the Wife Husband at Fishing Bay (no one here to give it a plug), the NAC at Newport (Diane Kampf gave us a preview) and then next year's Midwinters. For that Larry Taggart and Carrie Berger handed out all kinds of bling, as you can see from this video of Paul Lee...

The fun never stopped!!

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