Tuesday, May 16, 2017

33 Boats at Lake Norman, and Plenty of Wind

Well, there was already a fair amount of coverage of the Great 48, held the first weekend of May, but I figured I’d write a quick log anyway.

We didn’t make it to the lake in time for the clinic that Greg Fisher held on Friday, but it sounded — no surprise! — extremely useful for those who participated. There is a post about it on fssa.com

Also, Eric Bussell, Tyler Andrews and Angie Hunt came to Lake Norman to shoot some publicity photographs and videos for the Class. They got some outstanding footage; Tyler learned fast how to operate the drone and get some awesome sky-high footage.

You can see some of their work on the Flying Scot Facebook page and at fssa.com. And for those of you who don’t read Scuttlebutt or haven’t been on the Flying Scot pages or Facebook, videographer (Angie? Eric?) also happened to get Bruce Kitchen falling out of his boat and, despite crew and spouse Lynn Kitchen’s best efforts, the boat going turtle. Bummer!! A couple other boats also went over but of course once it’s on video, you are an internet sensation! This video, for example, made it to Scuttlebutt and beyond:

Congrats to Eric, Tyler and Angie for a job well done. Imagine driving 12 hours or more to a regatta, but not to sail, even when races are being run, but instead watching and recording everyone else having fun. That’s real dedication to our class and I, for one, thank this fabulous team!

Meanwhile, the racing itself was extremely well run. Kudos to the race committee. The winds were forecast to be on the high side with gusts outside Flying Scot guidelines. The race committee postponed long enough for the worst puffs to leave the neighborhood and then sent us out for two great races. Even so, about 14 boats stayed on shore, showing more wisdom and maturity than the rest of us.

The race committee ran two races four-leg races Saturday and Harry Carpenter and Carrie Carpenter Andrews owned the fleet with two first-place finishes. John Kreidler, Ryan Malmgren and John Aras battled for the next three places. http://www.fssa.com/content/2017-great-48-lake-norman-yacht-club-mooresville-nc

Sunday, to the best of my recollection, was about the same conditions … this is what happens when it takes more than a week to write a blog! The first race we missed because the halyard knot on the spinnaker came undone and we had to go to shore to retrieve the halyard. Grrr! But the next two races we still liked the pressure on the left side. On one of those races (the last one?) the boats on the boat end of the start benefitted from a huge shift and those of us on the left were hung out to dry. Still, even though Harry, for example, was over by us, he recovered for a 5th place finish, maintaining his lead on the rest of the fleet overall.

Following behind him in the standings were

(see what I’m doing here? I’ll just say again that it is extremely disheartening for crew to not be listed in any results. What is with that regatta committees?!)

This is going to turn into a full blown rant sometime soon…..
Anyway, the rest of May is quiet for us. Will some Midwest District sailors join us the first weekend in June at Cowan Lake? It’s always a good time!

After that we have two district events:
June 10 & 11 The Indianapolis Regatta, Eagle Creek
June 17 &18 Egyptian Cup, Carlyle Lake
Then it’s NACs!!!! Sign up now!!!!!

Signing off.

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