Thursday, May 25, 2017

Memorial Day is almost here and that means June 1 and the NAC deadline is almost here

Want To Save $50 Bucks? Register For The NAC Before June 1!
We already have  more than 50  boats registered for the NAC, which is great! We are  well on our way  to our goal of 60 boats for our 60th! Meanwhile, we are forcing our sailors into the 21st century by requiring online registration. I know, I know! I hate progress too! And change? Forget about it!!
But there you have it; even us oldsters have to accept the inevitable. So sit down in front of your computer (oh, if you are reading this you already are). So, go get an adult beverage, come back, sit down, go to FSSA.COM, and follow the links. If you need to, find your daughter or your grandson or your neighbor to help you navigate. Don't let the internet stop you from having the time of your life!
But the main point of this particular message is that registration for the NAC Championship goes up by $50 smackeroos after June 1. And as some of us get older, time flies. June 1 will be here before you know it!!
That fee includes two tickets for the Wednesday night annual banquet for skipper and one crew. Additional tickets are $50. Greg Fisher will be the featured speaker at the banquet. Plus, there will be cake. Enough said.
~ Your NAC Organizing Committee

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