Sunday, November 7, 2010

Fall 48: Saturday

Wow.  Talk about challenging conditions.   For example, we had worked up to 3rd place at one point, when half-way down the second downwind leg  the wind died, and then after a few minutes shifted right into our teeth, and then after a few more minutes, we watched it build again from the original direction as a dark line of wind a 1/2 mile away.  As it came down, it brought the whole fleet down with it, hooting and hollering in some cases.  At the leeward mark it seemed as though at least half the fleet felt it had an inside overlap on the other half. 

We'll see what Sunday has to offer.  I'm hoping for two races that don't have multiple "fleet-inverting" shifts...

Ryan Malmgren is also here, so the Midwest District is pretty well represented. He is sailing with a former Lightning sailor, Michael, who, despite yesterday's conditions, says he is sold on Flying Scots.

After sailing we had a nice visit around a roaring fire with Mark and Maria from Moraine Sailing Club in Pennsylvania. That was particularly nice because we had gotten quite cold on the water. The high temperatures were in the 50s.

More later!

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