Monday, November 8, 2010

Fall 48 Sunday

Way to go Ryan! After a goofy Saturday, with many fleet "inversions" as Ben likes to call them, Ryan began Sunday with 20 points and then had two bullets Sunday to climb all the way up to fourth place. Nice job!
Blowing at about 10-12 with gusts to 15, the wind Sunday was more consistent than Saturday's conditions. And boy, was it fun. We got two good races in. Ben and I liked the first race most since we managed to place second just behind Ryan. That was our best finish ever at Lake Norman.
The race committee was unusual at this regatta. As far as I could tell, as the last boat crossed the finish, they blew the five-minute horn and began the series for the next race. That caught a bunch of us flat footed. In fact, Ryan said he was hove to above the finish line and looked up to see an "on course side" flag, which was referring to him. That was the first he realized the start sequence had even begun. And he STILL won that race!
We headed out pretty fast since we delivered Sophie to Harry for a few off-season repairs. Harry, very nicely, met us in Morgantown so we didn't have to drive all the way to Deep Creek. It feels funny driving the rest of the way home with no Sophie behind us. It will be even weirder to look out our back window and see the garage empty. Wait, here's a thought, maybe we could actually put a car in our garage now?!

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