Saturday, November 6, 2010

Fall 48

Season is winding down. On our way to Lake Norman we drove through snow. We made it to Mooresville at dinner time and stopped at "Joe Fish" for a wonderful dinner.  NO CAR TROUBLE (so far).  After dinner in the nice warm restaurant, we set up the tent in the dark, in the rain.  Debby's hands got pretty cold, and so did mine, which I demonstrated for her later in the tent by putting them on her bare skin.   Once we got the tent set up, we had a very nice evening reading while snuggled into our zipped together sleeping bags.  Much nicer than any $60 motel room...  Just now finishing up breakfast at "The Daily Grind".  Looking forward to seeing Ryan, who had planned to arrive Friday early enough to sail a bit to break in a crew who is new to Scots.  The lake was beautiful at dawn.  A steady breeze, but "red skies".  I guess we'll be testing the old "Red sky in morning, sailor's warning".  More later.

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