Sunday, July 20, 2014

Competitors' Meeting Sunday

Competitors’ Meeting

Last night was a cocktail hour and competitors’ meeting. 

from left: Diane Kampf, Rob Whittemore and John Wake
It was the shortest competitors’ meeting I have ever attended: the PRO introduce himself, said if anyone had any questions, to put them in writing and he’d answer them on the notice board! No one had any questions, so we moved on to a wonderful spread of hors d’oeuvres. Yum!!

From left: John Kreidler, Ben Williams, Adam Keen and Phil...I don't know his last name!

We sat with the group from Massapoag Sailing Club: Greg and Diane Kampf, Roger and Kate Sharp, and John and Connie Eckert. We had tons of laughs, talking about all the different times we’ve fallen off the boat, etc. The best story was Greg talking about when Diane fell in the boat, hitting her back on the centerboard trunk and lay there moaning as their spinnaker pole floated away and began to sink. What did Diane moan? “Greg, our spinnaker pole!!” So he ran for the pole and left Diane to fend for herself. Now, that’s a dedicated team!!

Beau Brake fell asleep into his dinner plate. Now he's resting with his dad, Joe. Too much fun in the sun? Or too much chocolate? Only Beau's parents know for sure!

A random observation:
In New Jersey there are two things you cannot do: turn left and pump your own gas. IN order to turn left, you have to turn right. Perhaps that’s a metaphor for bigger things?! Anyway, you turn right, do a little cloverleaf and, there you are, going straight across the street you just tried to turn left from! As for pumping gas, when was the last time you pulled up to the pump and were met by an attendant? The very friendly 22-year-old informed us that, to the best of his knowledge, only New Jersey and Oregon had this requirement that an attendant pump your gas. It made for a very nice change, even though he didn’t offer to wash our windshield!

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