Sunday, July 20, 2014

Sunday at the NAC; Racing Starts Tomorrow

If you can believe it, the day dawned cold and drizzly (is this REALLY July weather?!). I'm determined not to complain because I'd way rather have chilly weather than boiling hot weather. Still, it was fun to catch up with everyone as we got our boat registered,  measured, and rigged.

Ryan and Ben chatting in the drizzle

And then, by this afternoon, the weather turned gorgeous!! Things are looking up!

Ben setting up Sophie  
The one unfortunate aspect is the very low attendance. Instead of the 70+ boats at a typical NAC, Toms River has 30 boats registered. There are many reasons for this, most likely, and it sure didn't help that the club, having recovered from Hurricane Sandy then had the entire interior of their club destroyed this winter by a broken water pipe. You wouldn't be able to tell; the club is lovely, but you can imagine how much work it was to get everything back up and running...

For Ben and me this means that the qualifying races will be the hardest part of the regatta in a way. In order to make the championship fleet, we'll have to finish in the top 15, which we have never done in all the NACs we've ever attended. So, wish us luck!

Other Midwestern sailors attending are Ryan Malmgren (with crew Adam Keen) and Frank and Marianne Gerry. Ryan has a brand new boat he just picked up at the factory on his way to this regatta, lucky dog! He's still trying to come up with a name. Send your suggestions to me!

We'll have the competitors' meeting tonight and tomorrow the first race starts at 11 a.m. Since it's about a two-mile sail out to the course, we'll have to leave the dock on the early side and remember to bring lots of food and drink!

From left: Frank Gerry (in background), Larry Taggert, and Ben Williams

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