Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Second Day Even Nicer Than the First

I hardly thought it was possible, but today’s conditions were even better than yesterday’s. The wind was just a touch stronger, which meant you could sit on the deck the whole time, and hike, but not have to hike your brains out. No having to shift your body weight from deck to center, to low side, like yesterday, so I was happy.

Today just one race was scheduled to finish off the qualifying series. We did a five-leg race, finishing upwind. The wind had shifted from yesterday’s easterly to a nice and steady south breeze. I never saw the compass move more than about 10 or 15 degrees all day. Everyone has been so well behaved, we hadn’t had a single general recall … until today’s second group, when the dreaded blue and yellow flag went up. I think the gloves will come off starting tomorrow.

From Ben’s and my perspective, we liked the right side of the course. Given the time of day and the tide schedules, it seemed that the ebbing tide would help us if we stayed in the channel, which we decided was more on the right side of the course.

We were in the front pack at the first windward mark, with John Luard (Monmouth Yacht Club in New Jersey) leading the group. As the race continued we managed to grind through a few boats until we were just behind John. He put a really tight cover on us, which was weird for me, I’m used to doing the covering, rather than being covered and I didn’t like it!

Anyway, Ben and I needed to just have a solid finish to make the championship fleet and at this point we were in second place, so we were feeling pretty good. Right at the finish, Greiner and Robert Hobbs caught us, but we were very, very pleased with our sailing.

Speaking of the Midwest District, Ryan and Adam also had a good day and finished solidly in the championship fleet. Frank and Marianne had a very good day but missed making the top fleet by TWO points. Hopefully they’ll DOMINATE the challenger fleet!!

Tonight the rumor is we’ll have fish tacos or grill something at the house. I want to go after dinner to the boardwalk in Seaside Heights.

Right now we’re at a meeting about membership. Eric Bussell’s efforts through Parkland College to promote sailing is being spotlighted right now!! He’s a star!!!

Results are here: fssa.com

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