Friday, June 2, 2017

Sailing Season Shifts into High Gear

Here comes June and with it, regattas every weekend, at least as far as some of us in the Midwest District are concerned. Granted, this weekend is an Ohio District event, the Flying Pig at Cowan Lake (Fleet #1), but since it’s only four hours from us (Clinton Lake sailors) we tend to think of it as a local event (don’t count the time zone change). Next week is the IndyRegatta, not to be confused with the Indy 500, which was last weekend, but almost as fast!
 It looks like there will be a great turnout for that event. The club is just off I-74 on the west side of Illinois. This is one of my favorite clubs, with the open air clubhouse up on a bluff and overlooking the harbor.

And then, and THEN, the following weekend just keep going west on 74 … well you have to merge onto 70 W at a certain point, but you get the idea. … anyway, the next weekend is the hallowed Egyptian Cup at Carlyle Lake, IL.
This year the big change is we are allowed to camp on the grounds rather than next door at the Eldon Hazlet State Park, so that’s really awesome!

And, if that isn’t enough sailing for you Midwest District enthusiasts, don’t forget the 60th Anniversary NACs!!! They are being held this year at Sandusky Sailing Club in Sandusky, OH. And, although the event is being hosted by the Ohio District, we all really, really want a good Midwest District showing. How many people have already registered from the Midwest? Can I have a show of hands?!

By my count we’ve got 12 boats from the Midwest registered. Let’s go for 20 and do the Midwest District proud!!

If you haven’t already registered, go straight to this link and get cracking!

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