Monday, March 16, 2015

Day 1 Midwinters

Wow! What a fantastic day!! It did start out slow, as I mentioned this morning. We got to the club and there was no wind. So we all hung around for a couple hours, chatted and ate our lunch and then — it was as if we were all a flock of birds — we all got up from the tables at the same time (having felt the growing breeze) and headed for the boats. Only five minutes later did the postpone flag come down!

We headed out into a beautiful seabreeze.  We had steady 10-12 winds, three 4-leg races and an all around exhausting and fabulous day, coming in at about 5:45. Then we washed the boat off, I took a quick shower *sigh!* and we had a big ol' shrimp boil. Yum!

You can see the results here:

The Midwest sailors are doing pretty well: Ryan Malmgren and Kris Brown are chugging along in fifth place (nice spinnaker, Ryan!), Mike and Jen Faugust are 10th, Team Sophie is 12, and Chuck Howting and Luther Torgerson are 28. In the challenger fleet, Eric Bussell and Rob Parker are in the running for a trophy at fifth place. Way to go Midwest District!

Ryan Malmgren (#6077) having a great day

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