Sunday, March 15, 2015

Perfect Conditions for Warm Up Regatta

Not to make you jealous or anything ... but this is where we were today!

Well, we got down here in 2.5 days of driving and so far it has really been worth it. The weather is gorgeous, it's always great to see old friends and make new ones, and the competition is incredible. On top of that, perfect conditions prevailed today for the warm up regatta.  

Today we had two, four-leg races. The Faugusts, from Ephraim Yacht Club, were down sailing Mike's parents' boat; Eric Bussell and Rob Parker were duking it out for first place in the challenger race. I know Chuck Howting and Luther Torgerson sailed the first race despite their windex being bent by a large bird, which meant it spun like a top the whole time they were going upwind! Argh! Team Sophie had a good day, finishing roughly 7th both races. Ryan Malmgren made it out for the last race and was looking good with his brand new spinnaker. I'd have a photo except I left my waterproof camera in the women's room at the club overnight to recharge and when I went back for it, it was gone. I spent a couple hours convinced a good Samaritan had put it in lost and found, but after checking absolutely everywhere, it is definitely gone. Someone else reported their tactic was next to their boat recharging and someone walked off with that. Some sticky fingers here, which makes me feel very sad since the odds are the sticky fingers belong to some fellow sailors.  

I remet many sailors that I see only here, every other year. Ben and I sat with Tom McNally and his crew, Henry Pico, as well as Tom's brother, who was sailing with his own (maybe 8-year-old?) son. Also another Ryan, this one from near Acadia National Park in Maine and his skipper, Ned. Ned bought the Flying Scot from Harry at a boat show. He was looking for a boat he could sail in the south during the winter, since the Maine sailing season is awfully short. He'd heard we were a friendly class, so he decided to join us. Yay us!! 

Tomorrow the racing begins for real. So stay tuned! 

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