Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Day 2 Midwinters: Another Day in Paradise

Okay, admittedly, this photo has nothing to do with the post, but we all got a chuckle from it. Sorry to all those blondes out there, I realize it's in very poor taste!

The second day of the Flying Scot Midwinters was just another day in paradise. No postponement was needed today, since the steady west-northwest wind (10-15 mph) showed up right on time. Once again the race committee ran three races, this time two four-leg windward-leewards, and one five-leg windward leeward.

The wind was perfect, though many of us northern sailors woke up wondering if, after three races yesterday, we had anything more in the tank. However, once we got out to the racecourse the juices started flowing and it was all good. Our racing results for the Midwest District were mixed, so perhaps the toll of three races the first day really did take its toll. Although Jen and Mike Faugust (Ephraim) moved up in the rankings, Ryan Malmgren & Kris Brown (Madison), Chuck Howting & Luther Torgerson (Madison), Ben Williams & Deb Aronson (Clinton) and Eric Bussell & Rob Parker (Clinton)  moved down.

Still, it was a good day. We each of us had some smaller successes and plus Ben saw an Eagle Ray  jump out of the water right across our bow. Sadly, I was flying the spinnaker and missed the show.

The leaders frequently changed places today. Paul Abdullah and Alex Krumdieck  (Jacksonville) won the first race, Ned Johnston and Ryan Donahue (Maine) won the second and Mark Taylor and Andy Hayward ((Tampa) won the third.  Consistency paid off for Zeke and Jay Horowitz (Sarasota), who are currently the leaders (14 points), though they finished third twice and second once today. Also in the trophy hunt are Jeff and Amy Linton (Tampa) with 18 points, and Abdullah is tied for third with David Ames and PJ Buhler (Tampa) with 35 points.

In the challenger series Lawrence and Ruth Bigus from Kansas City (They came to the Glow last year, remember?!) won the first race today.  Norris Elswick and Chuck Tanner won the second and third races today. Overall, Jim Leggette and Mike Funk (Jackson, MS) are leading with 18 points, Randy Rubinstein and Jim Cavanagh (Sarasota) are second with 21 points, and David Strawbridge and Joseph Connelly (St. James City) are third with 29 points.

We're heading out this morning for perhaps two more races. The conditions are so perfect it is a shame to waste them, but I guess that means tomorrow will be a sightseeing day. We are very close to Lido Beach which is supposed to be one of the most beautiful in the world, plus there's Mote Aquarium next door to the sailing club that I have never been to, so maybe we'll do those activities tomorrow. Maybe at the Mote I'll see my very own Eagle Ray!

The link to the full results is at                     

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