Monday, March 16, 2015

Looks Like Light Winds Today at Sarasota Sailing Squadron

Well, racing will start at noon today, but based on the prediction conditions will be much lighter than yesterday. Hopefully if it really is a 1 mph wind they won't send us out to shake and bake. Meanwhile we'll slather on the sunblock!

Since I haven't got racing to report, instead I'll report a little bit about the executive committee and district governors meetings that were held yesterday. The biggest news is that the class is holding a raffle for a brand new, made to order Flying Scot! Tickets are $100 each and you can buy them online at the website under the tab "donate." Go to Foundation and follow the prompts! The drawing will be held at this year's NACs, so buy early and buy often! There will only be 250 tickets sold, so your chances are awfully good!

Campers at Sarasota. There are also almost a dozen tents. It's gorgeous here!
Other than that, it is looking very likely, though not official, that next year's NACs will be held in Newport, RI. The class is working hard to make it as affordable as possible, including housing in a local college dorm. Stay tuned for details!

Also, Midwest sailors, let's start thinking about a destination in our district where we also could host the NAC in a few years. At Newport, while there is no Flying Scot fleet, the entire New England district will pitch in to make it happen. That seems to be to be a really smart use of resources. Sheboygan perhaps? Any great inland lakes with facilities for 90 boats? Your thoughts are appreciated!

The class is looking pretty strong, all things considered. Membership efforts are moving along (anyone reading this who hasn't paid their dues .... please support the class!), the website is in good shape, finances are stable, and the sun is shining. So! Let's go sailing!

Brothers with different mothers! Bruce Kitchen, Cowan Lake (left) and Mark Benner, Moraine Sailing Club (right)

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