Saturday, July 16, 2016

Newport is Gorgeous, and I Don't Mean the Mansions!

I’m so happy and excited to be here in Newport!  The weather is gorgeous, bright blue skies, lovely clouds, perfect temperatures. 

I will admit that my image of Newport was a big waterfront, a frontage road, and then a wall of mansions. But Sail Newport is a spacious and very active program and not near any mansions at all, so that's nice. The harbor is chock full of nuts, no! I mean chock full of sailboats! The Flying Scots are all nestled together on a nice grassy area with the beer tent on one side and the Coral Reef guy on the other. Pretty perfect!

Ben and I are parked between Frank and Marianne Gerry, who arrived about 30 minutes before us, and John Domagala (class president and fast sailor AND former CLSA member!!) and Ron Pletsch (another fast guy from Florida). Bill Vogler drove up from SC (long story!) and arrived earlier today. I’m not sure who his crew is …. Ryan is still on his way, as are Eric Bussell and Chris Tesdal.  That’s it for the Midwest District sailors, as far as I know! If I see any others I’ll be sure to post it here.

Tomorrow Stacey Rieu and I are crewing with Lynn Bruss, in the women’s championships. I’m really looking forward to it, though I have to get through two meetings first, one for the executive board and one for the district governors….Poor Ben will have to get the boat measured without my help. He did not seem fazed by that, to tell you the truth! Maybe I’m not as helpful as I think I am …..

Tomorrow after we get measured and race the women’s championship there will be a competitors’ meeting, probably by the beer tent. By then everyone will have, hopefully, checked in…

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