Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Wednesday Brings More Wind, And a Clinic

Actually the order was, the clinic (by North Sails reps Zeke Horowitz and Brian Hayes) and then wind. The morning prediction was for the wind to start in the north-ish, then die and come back in from the south. The race committee opted to postpone the11 am start until 1:30pm to give the new breeze a chance to assert itself.

With the spare time some people drove by the mansions on Ocean Drive, some replaced worn parts on their boats, Willson Jenkins and his crew rode their bikes to the beach, and others attended an impromptu clinic hosted by Zeke and Brian.

They set up a boat on its trailer and talked so much about sail geometry that if I remember 10% of what I learned I'll be a "real" sailor! By seeing the boat from the back and watching while Zeke pulled the vang on and then let it off, for example, and they both talked about what that was doing to the shape of the sail, the center of effort, etc, it was eye opening. There were things I knew but didn't know the reason. For example, I knew to set the jib with the top batten straight back, but watching them position the jib, with the weather sheeting, you could really see the shape of the sail and why that's a good shape.  Anyway, it was a great way to pass the time. Someone I was standing next too said "I"m learning so much!" and that seems to be the theme of the week. Whether sailing with Lynn and Stacey in the women's or talking to other sailors over a beer by the boat, or listening to Zeke and Brian, there's so much to learn. That's also the great thing about this sport, of course. You never stop learning...or at least there's always more to learn, it's just a matter of how much will fit into your brain.

And, in case you forgot we were in Newport, here is a photo of a 12 meter surrounded by Scots!! Photos courtesy of Larry Taggart of New Orleans

and another...

The winds seemed a little heftier than yesterday and from the same direction, roughly, as Monday (about 220-210). Despite the delayed start we had to get off the water by about 4 or 5 because we had the annual meeting/dinner scheduled for 7 pm. the first race was four legs and then the second race was three legs, with an upwind finish so we could head home in time for the entertainment. It does end up being a very long ride out and back each day, but it's hard to feel too bad about it with the beautiful, sunny, moderate weather. Coming home going upwind all the way is less fun, but that's life!! 

Eric and Chris seemed to have a very good day, they were way up in the fleet most of the races and moved up two places. I haven't had a chance to chat with Ryan, but he's looking pretty good too. Frank and Ben  crossed tacks several times and are duking it out toward the back of the middle of the fleet. Our buddy, Rob Fowler, from Chattanooga continues to lead the Challenger fleet and we're rooting for him. Mark and Maria Benner relaxed Tuesday to recuperate from Monday which was grueling and had a good day today, with a 7th place finish in the Challenger fleet! 
Results are here

Tomorrow we sail out to the race course for one last race. Then we'll relax in the evening with our full house (Ryan and Stacey, Frank and Marianne, Mark and Maria, and Ben and me). Friday morning I think we'll start the long haul home. 

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