Thursday, July 14, 2016

Newport, RI, Here We Come!!

Sail Newport grounds

Ben and I are getting very excited about driving to Newport for the NAC. Last time I checked there were 46 boats registered, which is awesome! Our goal is to make it into the Championship fleet. This year the qualifying races are all done on Monday. We'll be divided into four groups and race each of the three. Based on those standings we'll be put in Championship or Challenger fleet. Just getting into the Championship fleet is an accomplishment to feel good about. 

Other Midwest District sailors traveling, to the best of my information, are Ryan Malmgren from Madison. Stacey will be going, but not sailing, I think. But she is also the one who found us housing, which is really a thankless task! Thank you Stacey! Also from CLSA we have Eric Bussell and Chris Tesdal, and Frank and Marianne Gerry, representing the Midwest District. Have I left anyone out? I recognize it's very hard for people to take a week and for all of us it's a crazy long drive of at least 16 hours. Hopefully next year, when the NAC is at Sandusky, OH, we'll have an outstanding turnout from the Midwest District!

Also, unfortunately only three boats registered for the women's championship, which is not enough to run it. And ZERO juniors signed up for their championship. WHAT THE HECK?!?!?! I can't tell you why that is how those events turned out this year. Maybe I'll ask around while I'm there and see if anyone has an explanation. I'm especially disappointed because Stacey and I were going to crew for the lovely Lynn Bruss, from Chattanooga. The Brusses bought Rob Fowler's old boat, Flying Circus, last year and have been campaigning it far and wide. They did the Florida circuit last winter and then drove to Virginia for the wife-husband. Also, poor Lynn is driving the boat alone to Newport because Bill could not get the time off. Yikes!! Hope she has lots of books on tape and caffeine!!

I'll breath a sigh of relief when she arrives.

Meanwhile, I'm packing road snacks and drinks, books on tape, podcasts, plus a pillow for the passenger. I'm also bringing my computer, so I'll try to post every day that we race. you can also go to Sail Newport's Facebook page, where they say they'll have up-to-the-minute info...I know photos are the most fun, so I'll try to get some good ones. My pal (I like to think...) and Scots N Water contributor, Art Petresemolo, who is a fabulous photographer, will be there at least a couple of the days, so maybe he'll share some of his work....

Okay, that's all from here. Hopefully we'll have fair winds and clear roads!

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