Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Sail Newport Is a Really Impressive Undertaking

Racing was delayed this morning on shore because of some struggles with the racing software that wanted to give everyone a 20% penalty instead of just the four boats that were over early. That meant we spent a fair amount of time trying to find a place to tie up. The great thing about Sail Newport is also what made this a challenge. There is always so much going on that every facility is being used to its fullest. For example, today, the first 10 or 12 boats filled up the one designated dock. Then we trickled over into some nearby docks that are, technically, for Sail to Prevail program.

we have two hoists but 46 boats...not counting other sailors who use the hoists!

When those filled up we headed over to some docks closer to the mule barn. There we saw three or four different youth programs going on. Some were rolling their boats into the water, some were on the dock practicing knot tying, and some were in the boats, still on the docks, practicing to get used to the tiller. The camp counselors politely asked that we vacate their docks by 10:30 so they could get their Bugs and Optis, etc into the water.

So cute!!

By that time the Sail to Prevail folks were headed out and said their docks would be free until 11:45. We hoped very hard that we would not still be there! The third option is mooring balls, which several people also took advantage of.
You could argue that it's a good problem to have, so many people learning to sail. In addition, there was yet another group down by the Mule Barn, where people of all ages and ability levels were kayaking. It did my heart good to see so many people on the water!

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