Friday, June 30, 2017

Second Day of Finals: Flat Water!

Bill Vogler sailing his new boat, FS#6140
There is something really special about racing against the fastest sailors in our class against a backdrop of rollercoasters and Ferris Wheels! And that’s exactly what we did on Wednesday. Instead of sailing upwind through chop for 45 minutes we sailed in the East Bay, which is just minutes away and more protected.  That and the fact that the wind came down to the 10-12 mph range made for a different set of conditions compared to Tuesday’s races … conditions that Ben and I, for one, enjoyed quite a bit!

The race committee ran one 4-leg windward leeward race and then a 5-leg race before sending us in to clean up for the annual meeting/banquet. At various points it seemed like the wind was building and building, but then it settled down again. The most exciting wind came at the end of the first race (championship) and on the second up wind leg in the challengers’ first race when the wind, which had been shifting slightly right all morning, came in strong and hard from the left. That meant that the mid-fleet boats in the championship fleet came bearing down fast on the leaders and it meant that many boats on the right side of the course going upwind in the challenger fleet saw 15-20 boats, who happened to be on their left, leap past them. Lots of teeth gnashing on board. Don’t you love sailing?!

Still, kudos to the race committee, which set good square lines and handled the shifty wind with aplomb and professionalism. As one sailor said, “no matter what they decide, you know we are in good hands with Jim Tichenor and his crew.”

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