Friday, June 30, 2017

Wednesday Night Banquet and Annual Meeting

 After sailing two very civilized races on Wednesday, we came in in time to clean up and get ready for the annual banquet, which was held at Sandusky Yacht Club (not the same as the sailing club, but walking distance). In keeping with the 60th Anniversary theme, we had birthday hats and blowers at the annual meeting, not to mention birthday cake. Lots and lots of birthday cake.

The highlight of the evening was
 special guest Greg Fisher, who shared his thoughts on how to grow the sport, as well as his experiences coaching the College of Charleston sailors. Flying Scot champ Zeke Horowitz is an alumnus of that program, which for some reason I had not realized!  It was a real honor to hear Greg speak and to hear his deep fondness for the Flying Scot class.

yes, I know he is handsome, but focus on what is in Ben's hands! That is a gorgeous program designed by Fleet 135's Heather Johnson. Lovely job, thank you Heather!
Also at the event we had outstanding music (thanks for finding the musicians, George Gecik!), interspersed with Bruce Kitchen recognizing every individual who was part of this great event (the list was long!). Then we had guest MC Willson Jenkins, from Muscle Shoals (Alabama) Yacht Club who had a great time livening up the crowd with various jokes about Texas v Alabama, specific Scot sailors, including Keith and Sandy Eustis (their names got switched!) and Harry Carpenter (who was supposedly going to start building boats in Mexico!). He had the crowd laughing and I heard many people say it was the liveliest FSSA banquet they’d been to! We did have an annual meeting, but it was short and sweet. Bill Vogler was duly elected new FSSA President and the full slate of officers was approved. Out-going president John Domagala gave Bill Vogler the enormous, ceremonial gavel (so tempting to bop someone on the head with it!) and we took a few votes and we were good for another year.

Speaking of which, next year’s NACs will be hosted by Rush Creek Yacht Club and held (I believe) at the Corinthian Sailing Club, near Dallas, TX, so put it on your calendar. Texas brought a large team to the event and did extremely well, with three boats in the top 10. That earned them the Fleet One trophy for highest finishing fleet (of three) in the NAC. (but that news took place on Thursday, so I’m getting ahead of myself).

Fleet 135 from left, Frank Gerry, Deb Aronson, Bryan Hunt, Eric Bussell, Ben Williams, Angie Hunt. (Missing Marianne Gerry)
Speaking of highlights, the one award always announced at the Wednesday night banquet was Fleet of the Year, which is a recognition fleets apply for in writing. Unbeknownst to me, Heather Johnson of Fleet 135 had submitted an application on Fleet 135’s behalf and, despite very, very tough competition (including the Rush Creek Yacht Club), Fleet 135 won!! What a thrill that was!! I only wish all of our Fleet 135 members could have been there to accept the trophy!

All in all, it was a fun evening. I especially enjoyed visiting with Harry Haack, of Lake Delavan, who told me some great stories of all the cruising he has done in his Flying Scot, from Canada’s Boundary Waters, to Jackson Lake in Wyoming, and then all the way to Florida. I hope you’ll see some of these stories in future issues of Scots N Water! 

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