Monday, August 22, 2016

Are YOU Eligible for the Travel Trophy?

We have one more District regatta and that is the Glow in the Dark scheduled for September 24-25 at Clinton Lake. (sign up NOW!) So I went through my records and have determined that we have five boats who are already eligible and EIGHT more boats eligible if they attend the Glow. If you wonder if that is you, contact me and I'll let you know!

To be eligible you must sail in three of the six qualifying district regattas (Eagle Creek -Indy; Egyptian Cup - Carlyle; Ephraim; Sheridan Shores - Chicago; Delavan Districts; Glow in the Dark). And next year we hope to add the Wooden Duck regatta at Medicine Lake in Minneapolis. It's no further than Ephraim, I'm telling you!

This year we will recognize every sailor who participated in the Travel Trophy. it's important to remember that the point of the trophy was to actively encourage traveling, so what better way to do that than to celebrate the travelers?

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