Saturday, August 6, 2016

Clinic, Fish Boil

Driving up to meet the Benners and the Kitchens in Milwaukee  on Thursday night, a huge storm was on our left side from about Paw Paw,where we ate dinner,  til Milwaukee.  The lightning was like something I've never seen. It was so bright it hurt my eyes and these huge strikes would hit four times at the same spot. It made it look like a single strike lasted 10 seconds.

We made it to the pre arranged meeting spot about 9:30, a few minutes ahead of the Kitchens. had a drink together in the nicely decorated lobby.

The next day we caravanned up to Ephraim, which was fun. Something very celebratory about being part of even a three-boat parade!

That afternoon Harry, Ryan and Larry gave a fantastic seminar. These on land clinics with the boat on the trailer are invaluable. Then a bunch of boats went out, many with experienced skippers on board to help, which was awesome! And finally, Harry had videoed each boat and played those back with commentary when they got off the water. Unbelievably helpful!!

The crowd at Ephraim was very interested in everything Harry, Ryan and Larry had to say

Look at this! Tom McNally up from Florida!!

This is just half the crowd. There are others on the right side also absorbing everything Harry was saying.

Later we went to a fish boil, which I'd never done before. Here's what it looks like at the end!

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