Sunday, August 14, 2016

Where Will Districts Be Next Year?

This morning we awoke to virtually zero wind, so while we waited to see what might happen, we had so much fun visiting one another. From my perspective it was great to see the Delavan sailors, who we don't often see on the regatta circuit. Ironically, it is because they have such a strong club racing program. They are understandably unwilling to leave town and jeopardize  their club standings.

I also got to catch up with Larry Klick and Mike Minsk from Medicine Lake, MN, who I haven't seen in a long time. You all may remember Larry sailing the bright red boat, Ketchup. He recently sold that boat and this weekend was sailing "Popeye." Also, I met several other sailors from Medicine Lake, including Mariah Minsk, Caroline Urban, two young women and enthusiastic sailors from that club. We talked a lot about making sure to include the Wooden Duck regatta, which I believe is the last weekend of July, in district publicity and to make sure we include it in the regattas eligible for the Travel Trophy. I will definitely be going to the Wooden Duck, since I now have family in the Minneapolis area. Also, if anyone knows the sailors from Neenah-Nodaway, that's another club I'd love to see become more active on the regatta scene.

Meanwhile, as we were all standing around, Bronson decided to hold the district meeting. That's how it works, remember. Every year we hold a district regatta and at that event we discuss district business, like where will we meet next year, how do we get more people to travel, how to grow membership, where and when are the national, sanctioned events, etc etc.

The most important question is, where will districts be next year? It was decided, a little unfairly, since no one from that club was here, that it was Madison's turn! Now, I will say, we haven't yet checked with the good people in Madison, but I hope that, if we all stand ready to lend a hand in any way we can, that we can make this work. We'll keep you posted on that dream! Another important element to "voting" for Madison is that, like Delavan, it enjoys a relatively central location. We all marveled at how central Delavan is within our far-flung district. Not too far from Ephraim, not too far from Clinton...Carlyle and Eagle Creek a bit far, but you can't have it all. And our friends in Iowa....well...there's always Medicine Lake!

Similarly, Madison not too far from Delavan, might also be pretty well located, which is bound to help attendance.

We also elected Chris Tesdal as Bronson's "lieutenant governor," a position we didn't know was a thing until this weekend. Chris will help Bronson get the word out about all the things listed in that top paragraph. Bill Vogler gave a report about upcoming national events. Nationals, for example, start June 25, 2017, and are being held in Sandusky, OH. It's going to be a great venue, plus there are tons of things your kids and spouses would like to do, like go to Cedar Point Amusement Park. Stay tuned for more details. And speaking of kids, if your kids have spring break March 12-16 consider taking them to New Orleans. While you sail, your family can enjoy the delights of things like the Insectarium, the WWII museum (best museum I've ever been to), fantastic food, delightful waterfront and warm weather. I got up and urged everyone at this event to consider traveling more. You all have heard that spiel enough I won't repeat it here!

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