Thursday, August 4, 2016

Ephraim this Weekend, Districts at Delavan the Following Weekend

Well, to everything there is a season, and this is sailing season! So, after a week in Newport last month, which I'm beginning to recovery from, we've got two district events this month as well.

Ben and I leave shortly for Ephraim, the longest running Flying Scot regatta in the country. This year there are more than 30 boats registered. This lines up with my observations at other regional regattas: that participation in those is growing while participation in national events is stagnant. Does anyone have any theories to explain this?

Fleet 135 has a bonanza of participants this year, including several people who are going in large part because of the seminar offered by Harry Carpenter tomorrow starting at 1 pm. It's going to be a very very tough event this year. Not only will Harry be racing, but my understanding is that Larry Taggart, from New Orleans Southern Yacht Club, will be pulling his boat up for the event. Not to mention the locals Mike and Jennifer Faugust, who trophied at this year's Midwinters, Ryan Malmgren, who trophied at the North Americans, District Governor Bronson Bowling (and Rachel, his crew/wife), Bruce and Lynn Kitchen and Mark and Maria Benner, both from the Ohio District. Any many others I'm sure I've overlooked!

I'll try to write a post after Harry's session tomorrow in case there is some wisdom I can pass on to those who have had to miss the regatta. But, remember, there's always next year. It's possible we'll get two more boats from Clinton Lake taking part next year. In fact, it's pretty cool this year how many new "road warriors" we've developed. First it was Heather and Trent Johnson (see post on Egyptian Cup) and now Bryan and Angie Hunt, Tom and Debbie Yeagle and Lisa Harschbarger - a new member!- are joining us at Ephraim. Lisa, who has never sailed in a regatta before, will crew for John Cassada from Carlyle. I love this DISTRICT!!!!

Ephraim is a long drive even for other clubs in the Midwest District, but it's worth it. There's no doubt that, no matter the conditions, we'll all have a great time.

Speaking of the Midwest District I've been a bit remiss communicating about a couple other regattas in our district that fell through the cracks. Sadly, they are both past, but hopefully next year they'll get on the schedule a little better. The weekend of July 30-31 was not only the Sheridan Shores Race Weekend event but also good old Medicine Lake, Minneapolis, held its Muddy Duck regatta. Little publicity was sent out about these events, but hopefully next year that will change.

Okay, time to hit the road

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